[vc_teaser_box title=”Tenant Placement ” button_text=”Learn More” image=”179″ button_link=”|title:Tenant%20Placement|”]Onyx Tenant Placement will get your unit rented with success! We understand that every day that your rental unit is vacant, it’s costing you money. [/vc_teaser_box]
[vc_teaser_box title=”Project Management” button_text=”Learn More” button_link=”|title:Project%20Management|” image=”159″]In case you are looking to do any large renovations, Onyx can handle it! We can oversee and organize any project on any scale.[/vc_teaser_box]
[vc_teaser_box title=”Maintenance Services” image=”151″ button_text=”Learn More” button_link=”|title:Maintenance%20Services|”]At Onyx, we understand how difficult it can be to do small repairs and improvements, especially if you don’t have the time or the experience. [/vc_teaser_box]
Businessman drawing business marketing concepts with chalk
[vc_teaser_box title=”Marketing Services” button_text=”Learn More” button_link=”|title:Marketing%20Services|”]Onyx will maximize your property’s exposure by professionally marketing your property within Canada’s largest collection of online listings sites. [/vc_teaser_box]

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